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I love to cook! I I have a passion for creating healthy meals, working with food, serving people and making food beautiful, especially with all the extraordinary plants created for our good health and well-being.


I’ve always been excited about food but when I returned to school to obtain My certification as a Natural Foods Chef I was blown away by the decline in the quality of our food this past 50 years and beyond. I thought I knew a lot about healthy food!


My education includes knowledge of a host of various health conditions and how to provide nutritional support for those conditions. Food is medicine and therapeutic for health, happiness and relationships. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes, celiac, allergies or any other health issue, I can show you how and why foods are so vital for good health! I’d love to shared this new-found information with you!


I created Back to the Table to provide people like you with skills and knowledge to improve the quality and taste of their food and to create more deep and meaningful relationships as they get Back to the Table.


How It All Started


I grew up in an Italian family, and my immigrant grandparents were truck farmers. We always had large gardens, so the focus was lots of vegetables and fruits at mealtime, as well as meat, game, pasta (of course) and lots of plain good food. It was wonderful!


Food has guided me in a number of directions throughout my life. My love of vegetables and the land led me to open and operate a small, organic farm at my family homestead in Littleton, CO. I grew herbs, edible flowers, and specialty produce – the weirder, the better. I supplied this produce to restaurants and sold my surplus on Saturdays, at the local farmers market, my two teenage children in tow. They were glorious days! In fact, I was a “farm to table” before there was such a term, and I have spent many of my happiest days digging in my garden.


I have 2 adult children and looking back I treasure the time spent around the table as it continues to be an important part of my life.



Fresh and Local Business Experience


I was invited to join Coosemans Denver, a wholesale specialty produce company and was hired as a corporate chef and educator. I was very involved at the time that specialty produce was making its way to the Denver scene, and I was actively involved in educating the public and wholesale food distributors on the products. I developed many unique recipes for utilizing rare and colorful produce, something that I truly love.


In addition, for four years I had the great privilege of being a nanny and personal chef for a family with three children. It was one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve had!


Every year, I teach a cooking interim for Colorado Academy, a private school here in Denver. Twelve middle-schoolers with fire and knives! Yikes! These kids are so eager to learn and have an astonishingly good knowledge of food. We cook for five days straight, five to seven courses each day, hands-on and totally interactive.


I’ve had many cooking experiences, too numerous to mention, but my passion is to pass this on to young families today who desire to nourish and grow their own families and bring them Back to the Table.